The Rainbow Ride is a brand new element of the Tour of Cambridgeshire festival. It’s been designed to reflect our support for inclusivity and diversity in society and specifically in sport and the workplace. Our aim is to bring together all walks of life, backgrounds and a diverse community of sexualities and gender-identity based cultures.

The Rainbow Ride is an inclusive opportunity to ride on fully closed roads over one of three different distances – 100, 70 or 50 miles. We have up to 4 x Pit Stops available to have a rest, toilet stop and to grab some quick snacks and a drink. The event has thousands lining the street giving you the most amazing support ever.

The Rainbow Ride sponsors are passionate advocates for inclusivity and diversity because of the benefits to corporate wellbeing:

‘’At RS Components we are excited to be sponsoring the Tour of Cambridgeshire’s Rainbow Ride in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Through our sponsorship we are helping to demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusion and that every person should be able to bring their true self to work each and every day. By doing this we help to create a work environment that enables innovation, creativity, team work and happiness, ensuring the success of our people, our organisation and the communities we operate in.‘’

The Rainbow Ride will be incorporated in to ToC100, ToC70 and ToC50 sportives, including start times and event protocols. The Rainbow Ride will start alongside the sportives on Sunday 6th June 2021.

We are very pleased to have Mermaids UK as our Rainbow Ride’s Charity Partner. Mermaids supports gender-diverse children and young people until their 20th birthday, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care. Transgender and gender-variant children and teens need support and understanding, as well as the freedom to explore their gender identity. Whatever the outcome, Mermaids is committed to helping families navigate the challenges they may face.

When you enter in to the Rainbow Ride, you have the chance to make a donation to Mermaids. For each of the donations made by participants in the Rainbow Ride, we will pledge to match the donation made.

Enter HERE to show your support for these important social values.

  1. The Rider Information Manual will be available before the event. This manual may be updated with new information on the lead up to the event, with the final version being available 2 weeks prior to the event. Event information, such as arrival and ride information, will not be emailed to you so ensure you have a good read of the Rider Information Manual.
  2.  Rider Numbers will be available on the ToC website approximately 2 weeks before the Festival. See Rider Info in navigation bar. This information will NOT be emailed to you.
  3.  A Service Charge will be added to your basket per entry.
  4.  Parking Charges will be in place for official parking. Charges can be found within Prices tab.
  5.  Entries can NOT be Refunded or Transferred. Deferrals are only available if the Deferral Protection Administration is added when entering. The Deferral Protection Administration allows riders to defer up until midnight on Sunday prior to the event. Further details are set out in the Terms and Conditions of Entry in Section 9.
  6.   Minimum age is 16 years on the date of the event for the 100 Mile event and14 years on date of the event for 50 and 70 Mile events.

If you have any questions or queries, email us at

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