In 2020 we have a brand new approach for out Pit Stops.  Our aim is to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Eliminate Plastics Waste
  2. Provide appropriate satisfying nutrition for all Sportive riders
  3. Minimise queuing and delay …. Riders need to stay ahead of the Pace Car!
  4. Eliminate shortages

To this end we have set our nutrition strategy for the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2021, which will enable riders to plan their consumption for the ride with confidence in the knowledge of what will be provided out on the course. What we are proposing is a strategy refined from successful execution at the Great British Cycling Festival Challenge 100 in Norfolk in 2019.

Tour Makers

We will have over 60 Tour Makers servicing the Pit Stops. These guys give up their time and we make a donation for their assistance running our Pit Stops to the charity they represent.

The Tour Makers take their responsibility very seriously, with them even giving their time up in the winter months to attend a Pit Stop practice session. We had Food Hygiene training, became familiar with the new utensils and food products we will have available for you. We developed new production processes, producing fresh food for serving as riders arrive. Within the trial run we learned that our preparation before the first riders arrive will take approx. 5 hours to ensure that there is stock in place, keep replenished and Vegan rolls are prepared to order.

All Pit Stop food prepared during the training, including 200 cheese rolls, cake and fruit was donated to the Peterborough Soup Kitchen.

They are out on the course helping to make your experience great so make sure you give them a smile on your way through.

Pit Stop Location and Purpose

Pit Stop Food and Drink


For dietary information click on each food type to access the erudus fact sheet for the product. Dairy cheese with Vegan Cheese upon request at the Pit Stop.

We shall be supplying drinking water at all Pit Stops, as well as HIGH5 Citrus Energy Drink. There will be 2-2.5 litres of liquid per rider out on the course, which will all be self-serve from bowsers. This will be slightly slower process than handing out single-use bottled water, but we will be eliminating plastic.

We encourage all riders to start with at least two 500ml bottles on their bikes, there will be plenty of fluid for everyone.

We will have an ice-cold Erdinger Alkoholfrei, which is an isotonic recovery beer, waiting for you as you cross the finish line.

Each Pit Stop will have a different offering of food available. We have catered for all with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food and energy gels, including the sweet cake options, which are delicious!!

We ask that you think about others and remember, this is a tasty, healthy energy and NOT afternoon tea. Each rider is entitled to 2 servings at each Pit Stop – we won’t be rationing but if the offering is abused, we will have to.

Bike Racks and Mechanical Support

We need riders to press on and enjoy the closed roads due to the fact that we have to give the roads back to the local residents, who we’ve inconvenienced for the day. We do have a strict timing schedule so don’t forget that time off the bike in Pit Stops is time lost on the road. It is important that riders hold on to their bikes to ensure everyone keeps moving. However, we will have some racks available at Pit Stop 2 which can hold up to 500 bikes held in racks at any in time.

You will be able to pre-book a bike service at the Event HQ before you head out. You’ll also be able to purchase any additional parts such as new tyre and brake blocks will be charged for as competitive rates. There will be limited mechanical support at Pit Stops but inner tubes, tyre levers and track pumps will be available.