We’ve teamed up with High5 to give you the best nutritional advice on the lead up to Tour of Cambridgeshire, ideas for how to plan your training nutrition and even your sports nutrition while you’re out on ToC route.

High5 are the leading sports nutrition in the UK and create nutritious products with amazing natural flavours, whether you’re a new starter or an elite professional, HIGH5 have got you covered.

Not only will High5 be on hand within the Cambridgeshire Bike & Running Show to give you advice and information and a huge range of products available, but they will also be providing a range of gels and powders to keep you hydrated and give you plenty of energy. The products being provided include:

Energy Gel

Energy Drink

We recommend incorporating these products into your training, that way you won’t be trying something new at the event and you can focus on giving it your all.

Discover the full HIGH5 range of trusted gels, drinks and bars: www.highfive.co.uk