Below are some Community FAQs, giving answers to questions we get asked every year we hold the Tour of Cambridgeshire. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

About the Event

What is the Tour of Cambridgeshire?

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is a prestigious festival of cycling, which plays host to several cycling events throughout the weekend. The events we host include a time trial, road race, sportives with three different distance options, a bike show and family events too. The whole festival is expected to attract around 12,000 cyclists of all abilities.

The Tour of Cambridgeshire is also the host of the UK’s World Championship qualifier event for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, which gives amateur riders the chance to ride for their country.

When will the Tour of Cambridgeshire take place?

The event will take place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2021.

Where will it be held?

The main event HQ will be within the East of England Showground and the route for the various events extends to include many Cambridgeshire villages and towns, such as Folksworth, Morbourne, Alconbury Weston, Upwood, Ramsey St Marys, Pondersbridge, Whittlesey, Farcet, Yaxley, amongst many smaller areas. Incorporating so many towns and villages allows us to maximise the opportunities for tourists and participants to view our breath-taking scenery.

East of England Showground offers a central location with a large amount of outdoor space available; it is also close to the Peterborough City Centre, bus station and train station and will therefore encourage visitors to make the most of other attractions throughout Cambridgeshire including restaurants and bars, as well as local activities and events.

Some of the events take part on routes outside of the Arena, travelling through many towns and villages in the area.

Who is organising the event?

The event is being organised by cycling specialists Golazo Cycling Ltd.

The organisers of this event have successfully brought together local, national and international partners in the form of various charities, contractors and the worldwide governing body of cycling, UCI.

What are the benefits of the Tour of Cambridgeshire to the area?

This is a major participation event and offers an opportunity to promote and further enhance Cambridgeshire’s reputation as a major sporting destination.

The hosting of this event brings many benefits to the area including opportunities to promote lifelong physical activity especially cycling; economic benefits for local businesses across Cambridgeshire and an opportunity to promote the area as a tourist destination with the many Council, Voluntary and Community led attractions on offer for visitors to the area.

What are the routes?

For detailed route information and maps, including closure timings, please click here.

Road Closures

Will roads be closed?

All events taking part on the routes outside the Event HQ require road closures to ensure safety to all taking part, spectators and other members of the public.

Traffic Management contractors are used to secure the closures of the routes, ensuring roads are sterile throughout the closure periods. The road will be legally closed by the implementation of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO), issued by Cambridgeshire County Council.

All roads will be re-opened on or before the time stated for each sector of the route unless Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Cambridgeshire County Council Highways decide there are significant safety issues that prevent this.

What roads will be closed and how long for?

Road closures will vary throughout the event, according to the day, location, Route Sectors and the specific event; full details can be found here.

Will the road closures have an effect on the wider road network?

There is potential that some roads that aren’t closed will see increased levels of traffic due to diversions. There is also a likelihood that some bus services are altered in order that they will be able access smaller roads as part of diversions and some bus stops may have to be moved temporarily. We are liaising with transport providers to ensure that alternative transport arrangements are in place during the road closure period.

Pedestrian access will be permitted, however pedestrians are reminded that the roads are closed. Cyclists and vehicles within the race travel at high speeds. It is the pedestrians responsibility to cross the roads safely.

Residents and businesses who will be affected by the road closures will receive a leaflet containing event and closure information.

How will Buses be affected?

There will be a range of bus service cancellations and temporary arrangements during the closure periods. Contact your local bus provider for more information.

Access Arrangements

What access arrangements are in place for local residents and businesses?

Access restrictions will vary around the routes and will depend on the location and time that the event passes through each town/village. All road closure timings will be kept to a minimum level allowing a safe and secure event, as well as keeping the disruption to a minimum. In any event, we will be making every effort to mitigate disruption on the local roads.

These restrictions are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the event while maintaining the safety and security of participants, residents and spectators.

During the road closure period, residents will not have access to the roads closed until the closures have been lifted. We are working with local care providers to maintain access for essential care on the day of the event, as well as local GPs and Doctors on Call Service. All emergency service vehicles, with a blue light emergency, will have access throughout the road closure period.

We regret any disruption this event may bring but we are confident that by carefully planning ahead, we can minimise the impact on residents and businesses. We encourage residents and businesses to plan ahead and make alternative arrangements wherever possible and also use this opportunity, where possible, to organise or take part in any community events or visit local attractions.

It is strongly recommended that all members of the communities carefully consider any movement in the area during the affected weekend; pay particular attention to the scheduling of any deliveries, servicing, maintenance, attendance, appointments and timetables which may be affected.

Are there any special provisions being made for persons requiring critical health care?

All health care and medical providers have been made aware of the event and the road closure periods; all providers have made provision for this and we will be continuing to work closely together to ensure that all care is provided when and where necessary. All emergency services, who have a blue light emergency, during the closure times will have access to the route.

People requiring access to critical health care during the closure periods must contact

What access arrangements have been made for emergency service vehicles?

In planning for this event we have been liaising with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Fire and Rescue, NHS Ambulance services, as well as other critical service providers.

Emergency access to all properties and residents on route will be maintained at all times. Emergencies will be treated in the usual day to day way, and the safety of the residents and visitors alike will be a priority. In the event of an emergency situation occurring within the route, members of the public should contact the emergency services as usual on 999.

Emergency services will be dispatched as normal and access will be co-ordinated by the event organisers.

I live in residential area next to the Event HQ, are the access arrangements the same as previous years?

Access to and from Orton Northgate can be made via Dunblane Drive and the internal road network at the East of England Arena & Showground. All residents who live around the Event HQ have access to the East of England Arena & Showground car park on Loch Lomand Way.

Please be aware that the access to East of England Way is restricted throughout the closure timings. It is recommended that vehicles are parked in the car parking facilities available outside of the closure timings to allow for your traffic movement.

Parking Arrangements

What parking arrangements are in place for the event?

Within the TTRO, all vehicles must be removed from the affected roads. It is recommended that residents and businesses use off-road parking or alternative parking on adjacent roads that are not affected by the road closures.


What security and measures will be in place to ensure no damage is done to residential and business property?

There is extensive plans in place, to ensure safety and security of the event overall and for the cycle races in particular. These plans are subject to scrutiny and approval of the event-dedicated Safety Advisory Group.

What measures will be in place for crowd control at the site?

There will security onsite throughout the event to manage and deploy crowd control measures.

Other Information

Will there be a camping provision on the site?

There certainly is. Our Camping is situated in the heart of the event, with the site being situation on the outskirts of the Event HQ at the East of England Showground. It’s available for both participants and spectators.

You can book your Camping pitch HERE.

How will the litter be dealt with out on the route?

We’re working with the Big Plastic Pledge to become the most sustainable event in the World by 2023. We’re eliminating all single-use plastics at the event, as well as reducing the amount of waste we create as a whole.

This said, we will still have bins available at all key locations around the event site and the Pit Stops around the route. There will be a dedicated Waste Management team for both the event site and the routes, with a team and vehicle travelling behind the race to collect litter dropped by riders.

Will compensation be paid for inconvenience or lost business revenue?

In relation to compensation for loss of trade incurred due to the road closures, there is no general liability to pay compensation. As such, we regret that the Event Organiser and Cambridgeshire County Council are not able to make any payments of this nature.

We have endeavoured to create diversion routes across the event to mitigate against this. In addition, local businesses which believe they may suffer due to road closures can contact the organisers to discuss opportunities for promotion of their business at the EXPO event.

How are residents being informed?

Event information will be shared using various methods including letter drops to homes, local media, and online via the event website.

All road closure information, including timings, will be available on this site and any new questions / answers raised relating to the event will be added to these FAQs. Every household, along with Churches, Businesses and other key stakeholders such as Farms will be informed of the likely impact caused in detail.

Care providers are being asked to ensure information is shared with vulnerable people.

There will also be communications including radio stations and newspapers to encourage the wider community to participate in the events and EXPO.

Who in Cambridgeshire County Council approved this event?

Elected Members and Officers of Cambridgeshire County Council were approached by a consortium of local, national and international organisations with a view to hosting this prestigious event in the area due to our stunning scenery and reputation for promotion of Sport.

Following a great deal of consideration and assessment it was agreed that this event would provide considerable benefits to Cambridgeshire including opportunities to promote lifelong physical activity especially cycling; economic benefits for local businesses across Cambridgeshire and to promote the area as a tourist destination, with many Council, voluntary and community led attractions to offer visitors to the area.

We do understand that the event impacts many residents and businesses and we will ensure that all disruption is kept to a minimum. We would like to thankyou in advance for your understanding and we hope that you embrace this amazing event that is coming to the area. If you have any question or queries that have not been included in the above, please email us at